Our Work for Cawood Scientific

"Cawood Labs"

Our opportunity

Cawood Scientific is the UKs largest independent provider of analytical laboratory testing and sampling services for land-based industries. They provide analyses to the agricultural, animal, amenity and environmental industries. Although they were market leaders, they needed to convey their expertise, capabilities and value more clearly to prospective clients and this was our chance to illustrate these.

Our intention

The challenge here was to demonstrate their expertise right at the start of the sales process, online. As such we intended to create an explainer video to make prospecting easier.

Our work

Collaborating with Cawood in workshops, we developed our key themes and goals for their videos to touch on. Building reach and trust with new prospective customers online, whilst retaining the appeal to land and environment laboratory analysts, would be central. With this in mind, we kicked off the filming stage of the project by filming a promotional video for prospective customers. Titled 'Lab Leadership', it reveals the firm's agricultural and industrial capabilities and processes. It was a two-day shoot, a three-day edit and around two days' pre-production.

We filmed the labs at two sites and were amazed by the huge variety of nutrient and toxin tests on offer and the equipment required. We interviewed the senior figures in the business, learning much about the fascinating explosion of micro (and microbe!) technology in the field. We coupled this with filming in their labs, so as to illustrate how high tech they had become. We got up at dawn to film fallow and cropped fields to create a before/after narrative arc. The final video was threaded together with the all-important narrative structure of the STAR: Situation Task Action Result.

Outcomes for our client

Our client was delighted with the piece, which was placed on their website and used within their sales process. The Cawood team were wonderful - guiding round the dangerous and industrial parts of their labs with care and patience.

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