Our Work for DeskLodge

"A Better Way of Working"

Our opportunity

The Desklodge idea was first formed in 2009, with their first site opening in London, 2013 and is one of a new breed of now award-winning managed offices - with fantastic creative interiors designed to stimulate productivity. Based in central Bristol, their ethos is low-key and non-corporate. They needed to generate interest from both investors and potential clients to grow their business.

Our intention

Our task was to create a promotional video that would provide them with visible results within a clear timeframe.

Our work

Through workshops the key themes and details of our video piece were established. We wanted something that would be attractive to people we thought of as Bristol workspace revolutionaries. As such, we wanted to showcase the huge variety of workspaces and features at this unusual location. We also wanted to highlight the facilities in use, both for walk-in and regular rental customers. Finally, we wanted all of this to be appealing to prospective investors.

With those goals in mind, we filmed a two-minute piece aimed both at promoting Desklodge to customers and investors. 'A better way of working', explains the unusual facilities and usage at their Bristol office and how it lifts productivity and creativity. It was a one-day shoot, a three-day edit and approximately two days of pre-production.

Filmed in Bristol, we rehearsed and choreographed two actors to tell a short story of their meeting, collaboration and eventual business partnership. And finally, we tied it all together with a great music track (thanks Tom) and simple sales and explainer captions.

Outcomes for the client

Our client was very pleased with the short case study, and it has enabled them to attract customers and investors. The video was placed on their website homepage, where it has helped attract about half of all visitors to the business. The same video has also helped raise considerable investment on the Seedrs website. They're great interior designers and capable managers at DeskLodge - it was a kind of prize to film their work.

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