Our Work for Hertz Europe

"Driving Team Growth"

Our opportunity

Hertz Europe is one of the largest car hire firms in the world and has been in operation for over 90 years. They offer a surprising array of innovative services beyond car hire, which largely sets them apart from their competitors. They wanted to use a European teamwork conference to help unify team culture across European countries. The situation was that constant innovation and recent growth was challenging team unity - sharing best practice and good internal communication was becoming tricky.

Our intention

Our task was to demonstrate international collaboration by filming and sharing teamwork at the conference with all the Hertz European offices.

Our work

Hertz invited us to Dublin to record their annual high performers' conference to show to staff on the Hertz Europe intranet in a documentary style video. We wanted to provide a flavour of the conference, in particular, the launch of the company's 'Ubuntu' initiative to stimulate cross-country cooperation.

With a minimal budget and a slender brief, we created a two minute film. It was three intensive days' shooting, a three-day edit and about two days' pre-production.

We created a short story-of-the-conference film. We captured our friends' Instant Teamwork as they ran an audacious ice-breaker event in Dublin, which really dramatised teamwork benefits. And, over three 16-hour days, we shot a library of high quality material for future internal communications use, which we provided on a two terabyte project drive.

Outcomes for our client

We got lots of positive feedback from staff on the film. It's been 'promoted' to a screening at the global management conference in Florida. It felt like an exhilarating benevolent riot from beginning to end - thanks lovely Hertz people!

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