Our Work with Kee Safety

"Kee Safety for Dunedin LLP"

Our opportunity

Dunedin LLP are one the UK's leading midcap private equity firms and had recently invested in Kee Safety Ltd. Kee Safety is a market leading global supplier of fall protection solutions, safety railing systems and work at height solutions. As part of a film project for Dunedin, they asked us to produce a case study for investors and investees.

Our intention

We were to produce a case study to show an investee's vision without revealing commercially sensitive material and simply let the effect of the investment tell the story.

Our work

We created a documentary style case study, which illustrated the calibre and capabilities of Kee Safety to investors and investees alike, and to reveal how the investment made a significant difference to the business. We filmed Dunedin on site to visualise their proximity to the business, conducting interviews with both the investment manager and the CEO of Kee Safety. To ensure we didn't give away any trade secrets, we used an animation to visualise the finished products, and focused on the people behind the manufacturing process. This was a one-day shoot, three days' editing, and two days' pre-production.

Outcome for clients

Dunedin were very pleased with the video and used it on their website. Kee Safety also used it for their November 2016 internal conference. We were privileged to work with a superb team of British manufacturers, whose positivity and diligence really put a lump in our throats.

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