Our Work with Kirton Healthcare

"Manufacturing Growth"

Our opportunity

NVM Private Equity LLP is an ambitious firm of private equity investors. They have a flourishing portfolio of clients and work hands-on alongside business owners to inject finance and grow their companies. Kirton Healthcare Group is the UK's leading manufacturer of specialist medical seating. At the time of filming, they were expanding their international marketing and had secured the backing of NVM Private Equity to accelerate the process. NVM wanted to build reach and trust with prospective customers.

Our intention

The plan here was to explain the seat manufacturing work of Kirton Healthcare, and demonstrate NVMs recent investment in the business to prospective customers. NVM wanted a record of their work with Kirton, so our intention was to display this in a way that essentially advertised NVM and Kirton Healthcare at the same time.

Our work

We filmed this two-minute case study video of healthcare seating makers Kirton Healthcare and NVM, their backers, based at Kirton's factory for specialist seating. It was a two-day shoot, a two-day edit and approximately one day of pre-production.

We interviewed the NVM directors and filmed the wonderful Kirton craftspeople and equipment to show where the investment has gone. We gathered good positive feedback from the interviews, coaching the directors who were a little nervous on camera. And finally, we tied it all together with an NVM interview about the project challenges and their approach.

Outcomes For Our client

Our client is happy with the case study film and they use it both on their website and in client presentations. It's always fun to work with down-to-earth people.

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