Our Work for NearDesk

"Work Near Home"

Our opportunity

NearDesk is a visionary new UK office space firm. It rents out desk space by the minute in residential and commercial areas. After two years of organic growth, it was time for a step change. A third round of investment was needed to move the firm quickly to a larger size. We wanted to demonstrate pedigree, to give it the clarity of identity required to help win new crowdfunding investors.

Our intention

The plan was to create investor and customer videos explaining the concept and advantages of using workspaces and building reach and trust online.

Our work

The company asked us to make this two-minute explainer video for prospective investors, for the NearDesk page on the Seedrs website. For the short investor proposition video, we filmed a series of client interviews at the firm's head office in London. We also had a lot of fun shooting a dark sequence for use at the start, to explain the commuting misery that NearDesk solves. We interviewed the CEO to add authenticity to the pitch. After a two day shoot, three day edit and roughly two days pre-production, we had a piece that explained the firms purpose and investor message.

Outcomes for the client

The video was published on Seedrs, a crowd-funding site. The target of 600k was raised quickly. In fact, over-subscription hit 25%. It was a new record: the biggest single share issue on Seedrs. It was brilliant fun working with such a visionary team.

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