Our Work for Progress Academy Music Centre Student Learning Centre for all walks of music in Birmingham

"A Vibrant Musical Home"

Our opportunity

Progress Music Academy is a well established music school in Birmingham, which specialises in private and professional music lessons for drum, guitar, bass, singing, piano and keyboard. We wanted to showcase this Music Academys teaching through performance ethos by creating a home page video for their website. This would comprehensively explain the range of instruments and the ethos of the Academy. On top of that we had the opportunity to create a series of social media snippets that would further get the message across. But, we had limited time, very little budget and no students to work with!

Our intention

We had to get across the core message that Progress Music does things differently. But really the whole task here was about being creative with constraints and limitations.

Our work

We pre-agreed a range of interview topics and promotional messages that the Academy wanted to project. Filming took place in Birmingham and were delighted to discover the open, honest and unusually collaborative techniques of the teachers at the Academy. This allowed us to source gig footage from suitable libraries to enrich the interview and taster pieces.

We spent some time choosing the right supporting material for this project which truly helped to bring to life the pieces, given how little time we had to collect any really useful active B-roll material. The only students that agreed to take part made themselves available for observational footage rather than interviews, and other students undertaking lessons were simply not available to us. A simple home page was then edited together with a narrative which set out a series of social media snippets to help their message get across to potential new customers.

Outcomes for our clients

We finished the home page taster along with about 45 social media clips to standards much higher than the client had expected. Naturally, they were delighted and immediately deployed the videos on their website and on social media.

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