Our Work for Rockpool

"Rockpool - Why Private Companies"

Our opportunity

Rockpool is an independent firm dedicated to creating tax-efficient investment opportunities for individuals through private investment. They wanted to deepen their online presence to attract investors by projecting the ethos, vision and genuinely unusual and out-there structures of the firm.

Our intention

Our remit was to produce a series of investment service explainers to get technical people to feel approachable, whilst making their brand come off as recognisable and authentic.

Our work

We devised and filmed a suite of six engaging explainers. We used a journalistic approach, which showcased technicians and investment managers at their workplaces, projecting the ethos and vision, team calibre and unusual structures of the PE firm. Focusing on a human touch allowed the experts to give clear explanations of what they did.

This was a two-day shoot, five days' edit, and two days' pre-production. We brought these videos to life with imaginative visuals that embraced the firms new look.

We also experimented with a water-themed video based on the name of Rockpool, as an alternative to the videos above, which didn't make the final selection:

Outcomes for our client

Our client was delighted with the films, which were placed on their website and used widely within their sales process. It was wonderful to see entrepreneurs at the coal face - it was deeply educating to work with such mathematical masters.

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