Our Work Steeper

"Steeper for Dunedin Private Equity"

Our opportunity

Steeper is a leading manufacturer of innovative prosthetic, orthotic and assistive technology products established from humble beginnings way back in 1921. Dunedin LLP had invested in Steeper and wanted us to produce a case study of their involvement. They wanted us to reveal the trials the two firms faced together, and to display the triumph of increasing global reach through re-investing in new technology.

Our intention

Our task was to tell the story of Dunedin's investment in an exciting, filmic way, without compromising on the content.

Our work

We were to create a two minute investment explainer for this world class prosthetics manufacturer to showcase Steeper's products, as well as revealing the purpose, benefits and outcomes of the Dunedin investment. This was a one-day shoot, three days' editing, and two days' pre-production. We filmed Dunedin in the Steeper factory to enhance their proximity to the business, and to also capture the sights, sounds and day-to-day processes inside the workplace. We also made the Bebionic Hand the star product by showing it as a prototype and as a working model.

Outcomes for our client

The company has subsequently been able to successfully sell it's Bebionic division. The dedication, commitment and communication between investor and investee really shone through and it was an amazing experience filming on the factory floor.

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