Our Work Team London

"Mayor Launches Volunteering"

Our opportunity

Team London is the Mayor's city-wide volunteering initiative to prepare the young and unemployed for work and to build corporate social responsibility. However, they needed more employers to participate in the scheme.

Our intention

By filming promotion and participant interviews for Team London, it would increase volunteering places and promote the new youth HeadStart programme to corporates.

Our work

With workshops, we established what our goals were for the video content, which were revealing the nature and value of the programme; and engaging with prospective corporates online. We also felt it was important to manage their expectations. With all of that in mind we planned out a short news feature for prospective volunteering participants that would go on the Team London website. After two days pre-production, a one-day shoot and two days editing, we produced this piece called 'Mayor Launches Volunteering', that introduced the benefits and enterprise value of the programme.

Also, we filmed the HeadStart London launch event at City Hall and interviewed its speakers. We learned so much from the volunteers and employers together - their enthusiasm for work experience and building candidate skills was infectious.

Outcomes for our client

The launch promotion was very successful. Thanks to the steady new flow of corporate enquiries that has been established, Team London has developed from a small, well-meaning scheme to a significant driver of youth opportunities. Moreover, the website has been transformed into something that is more professional and adept at driving volunteer enthusiasm and corporate interest. We all really enjoyed this brief production - the Mayor's office is filled with such committed people and it was a true pleasure working with them.

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