Our Work Vesta

"Bringing Investors Together"

Our opportunity

Vesta is a dedicated buy-to-let investment platform connecting sellers, buyers and investors. They wanted to attract investors, so our opportunity was to communicate a combined social and financial enterprise to these potential investors.

Our intention

Our task was to create a promotional video to attract investors and showcase the Vesta brand by presenting the idea of part-ownership in a colourful, stylish and appealing video, combined with testimonials from Vesta and their would be customers.

Our work

We started by planning out the themes and topics we were to cover. Chief amongst these was the idea of part-ownership. Because people buy people in the finance world, we also decided it was really crucial to use footage of real people – people working at Vesta and their potential customers.

With that in mind, we interviewed the CEO, his team and Vesta's would-be customers using a talking heads style. We used shots of sumptuous buildings and skylines to portray the obvious property theme, and backlighting to subtly suggest a cityscape outside the filming location.

This was a two-day shoot, seven-day edit and three days' pre-production.

Outcomes for the client

Vesta used the video as part of their seed investor campaign. It was educating to work with financiers so deeply embedded within the idea of a social enterprise - this unique combination of investment and liberating part-ownership of a property was a real eye opener.

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