Our Work WPP

"Sorrell On Sorrell"

Our opportunity

WPP plc is a British multinational communications, advertising, public relations, technology, and commerce holding company headquartered in London. They help their clients compete successfully: in marketing strategy, advertising, communication and in monitoring. Their CEO, Sir Martin Sorrell, publicises the firm's work and is a great advocate of lean enterprise (as are we).

Business First, is a premium business magazine distributed to senior execs in large companies in London and overseas. They were interviewing Sir Martin for an article in their magazine.

Our intention

The challenge was to promote the interview online, without audio and only three minutes of filming time. It would preview key points of the magazine article in a constrained period of time and would build internet reach and draw pro-enterprise traffic towards the site, via interest in the subject and the article.

Our work

This two-minute teaser video was our first delivery for Business First Magazine and the WPP website, titled 'Sorrell on Sorrell'. It was a two-hour shoot (only 15 minutes with Sir Martin, naturally), a two-day edit and about a days' pre-production.

The whole point was to preview key points of the magazine article in a constrained period of time. With only a four-minute window of Sir Martin in his boardroom, and a requirement not to hinder the cover shoot, we captured behind-the-scenes footage. Then we added a few city stills and animated a growth sequence of graphics to underscore enterprise, and finally, we added phrases from the article.

Outcomes For our client

With the work we did, we created a more engaging magazine website and useful content marketing material too for their social websites. But this video also helped Business First feel more confident about a professional digital presence. Sir Martin was as we expected, both charming and focused. (Drop of hat, Sir Martin, and we're back).

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